New Xbox Controller Designed Around Accessibility Leaks Ahead Of E3

A new Xbox controller designed for people with accessibility considerations has leaked online ahead of E3 2018. Twitter user h0x0d found a promotional image for the supposed new controller, which you can see below. Additionally, noted Microsoft insider Jez Corden of WindowsCentral backed it up with a report saying the controller is aimed at delivering a better Xbox experience for players with “accessibility needs.”

As of yet, there is no word on how this new controller actually works, but the leaked images provide some idea. The two large buttons are presumably A and B, and they may be programmable.

WindowsCentral says the controller should be officially announced between now and E3 2018. Microsoft’s E3 briefing takes place on Sunday, June 11.

Microsoft has done great work to support gamers with accessibility considerations over the year. Earlier this year, the American Foundation for the Blind gave Microsoft its Helen Keller award for spearheading advancements in technology to help those with visual impairment issues. One of the company’s achievements was helping former NFL player Steve Gleason, who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease, improve his quality of life by updating Windows 10 to allow users to control some mechanisms with just their eyes.

The Xbox E3 2018 briefing takes place on June 11, and it’s expected to bring some big news about what’s next for Xbox this year and beyond. GameSpot will have lots more E3 2018 coverage coming up in the days and weeks ahead, so keep checking back for more.


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