Preorders for Early Launch of Steam Hardware Sold Out

Earlier this month Valve opened preorders for its Steam hardware, with the added bonus that you’d be able to get your purchase a month early. Now, the first wave of preorders has sold out.

Valve today announced that this special preorder window for Alienware Steam Machines, Steam Link, and Steam Controllers is over. If you had jumped on a preorder early, you’ll get your hardware on October 16. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until November 10. However, the hardware is still available for normal preorders through Steam.

Steam Machines are gaming PCs designed for use in the living room, running SteamOS and coming with a Steam Controller. Several hardware companies are selling them, such as Alienware, Asus, and iBuyPower. You can read more about them here.

Steam Link, on the other hand, lets you stream games from a PC in a different room to a TV. You’ll have to have your own gaming rig to take advantage of a Steam Link, but it costs only $ 50. If you just want a Steam Controller to connect to your PC, that also costs $ 50.

Are you going to buy any Steam hardware? Let us know in the comments.


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