Rainbow Six Siege 3.0 Update Known Issues Revealed

The big new update for Rainbow Six: Siege, 3.0/Blood Orchid, is out now on the game’s testing server for PC. You can see the complete list of massive patch notes here, which cover things like a new map, more operators, and more. The patch isn’t without its problems, however. Now, Ubisoft has listed off all the known issues that players may encounter in it. Bugs are of course to be expected, given that the whole idea of a testing server is the hammer out the rough spots in preparation for the full release.

You can follow the instructions here to learn how to join Siege’s Technical Test Server.

One of the issues is that the smoke grenade will stop players from vaulting over windows, but only in some unspecified conditions. Additionally, the new Operator Ying’s Blood Orchid headgear is missing a piece of its visor, while another one of the new operators, Lesion, can clip through the wall on the map Kafe.

You can see the full rundown of known issues below, as written by Ubisoft.

Ubisoft said the testing phase for 3.0/Blood Orchid will run through 10 AM ET on Friday, September 1. The patch should launch sometime later for everyone on PC, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Rainbow Six Siege 3.0/Blood Orchid Known Issues:

  • For the Scorpion EVO 3 A1, the muzzle flash is too far ahead of the weapon when a Flash Hider is equipped.

  • Players do not have sound if the drone is destroyed at the end of prep phase while trying to select a spawn point.

  • Smoke grenade prevents vaulting over windows under certain conditions.

  • The animation for Doc reloading leaves some objects floating.

  • Delay before being able to fire your weapon after switching from a gadget.

  • Drones are able to exploit a specific window on a map to jump into the walls.

  • On House, sound goes through between bathroom’s floor and hall ceiling if not completely destroyed.

  • On Consulate, there is no audio occlusion on Lobby ceiling.

  • Ying’s Blood Orchid headgear is missing its dark visor.

  • Lesion is able to clip through the map in a certain location on Kafe.


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