Resident Evil 7 Beginner’s Guide


Meet The Bakers, your hosts to the Baker plantation and all surrounding areas in Resident Evil 7. They’re happy to have you as a guest and you’re happy to be here because this is one of the best Resident Evil games since the original trilogy. Whether this is your first survival-horror rodeo or you’ve played every Resident Evil to date, it doesn’t hurt to have some intel to prepare for the game’s many puzzles and enemies. Here are the essential tips you’ll need to keep the ‘YOU ARE DEAD’ screens to a minimum.

Look around and look thoroughly

The most well-hidden items are almost always useful, whether it’s a couple shotgun rounds or a pack of chem fluid. You’ll spend the majority of your stay alone, giving you ample time to explore every gap and corner. It helps to have a crafty mindset, to look beyond what you can see when you initially enter a room. That means finding ammo powder in small bowls, herbs in bathtubs, and even ammo behind paintings leaning against walls.

It’s okay to run away

Even if you are well equipped, you can still save your resources by avoiding confrontations. Despite the unwelcoming vibe of the mansion, there are many safe areas you can retreat to, particularly the save point rooms. Very few hostiles can move as swiftly as you, so making a break for these rooms is easy if you know the lay of the land. There are often many routes that lead to safety, so take advantage of the house’s layout to outsmart the Bakers and their guests. This is especially recommended if an enemy seems invincible (for now).

Crouch with caution

There are a couple chase sections where it’s best to move slowly. If you can anticipate that a pursuer is coming your direction but hasn’t spotted you yet, hiding can be a better solution than running. Crouching behind large objects likes stacks of crates works best when trying to get around an enemy. Don’t expect the same kind of protection when crouching behind a couch, despite its size.

Block to limit damage

When you do choose to take on a foe, blocking is a big help in minimizing the amount of damage you take. Even some of the sharpest looking melee weapons can be blocked. You’re never completely invincible, but blocking can help you catch your breath and, in the best case, create some distance between you and your attacker. With distance comes a brief reprieve to reload and manage items.

Combine items to play to your strengths

Whenever possible, use your chem fluids. Not only can they be combined to make much needed items, consuming a fluid pack frees up one slot in your backpack. An herb is useful in healing, but it’s even more potent when combined with both types of chem fluids. If you’re not confident in your ability to block or avoid attacks, this is the approach you should go with. If you value ammo more, prioritize both handgun ammo types for the first few hours of the game. Flame and neuro rounds–which you can create by combining solid fuel with strong chem fluid–are helpful, but don’t make the mistake of crafting them before you have the one weapon capable of firing them. Chem fluids appear fairly regularly, so there’s no need to hoard a lot for later.

Make the most of psychostimulants

Psychostimulants are magic pills that reveal all nearby items, even through walls and in drawers. Creating psychostimulants might not be the best use of chem fluid (especially if you take the time to fully explore each room), but you should make use of any psychostimulants that you manage to find. On Normal difficulty, these drugs last exactly two minutes, so it’s best to move as efficiently as possible. We recommend clearing hostiles out of a minimum of six connected rooms before you pop a pill. That way, you can search the area uninterrupted.

Save often and use multiple slots

Resident Evil 7 is adequately littered with save points and these should be used often. There are 28 save slots on Normal difficulty, which is more than enough room to keep save records for major events and memorable encounters. They’re helpful if you anticipate that a boss fight is coming up or if you’re having second thoughts about a choice you made at an earlier point in the game.

Take advantage of the unlimited storage

Another reason to visit the save rooms often is to use the storage container, which has an unlimited storage capacity and makes all your stored items accessible from any similar container you find further along It helps clear out your backpack of items you won’t need in the immediate future. This includes some story items like photographs and excess consumables. For instance, one backpack slot holds three first aid meds, and it’s excessive to carry more than that given how frequently you can visit the save rooms. To be honest, if you’re using more than three first aid meds to defeat a boss, you’re better off reloading your most recent save.

Use your map

Maps are not hard to come by and, as designed, can help you navigate your way around the Dulvey Mansion and all surrounding areas. It’s also easy to navigate up and down the various floors of each building. Maps are especially helpful in keeping track of the locked doors, particularly the ones requiring animal symbol keys. Save points and storage boxes are also marked whenever you discover them. Lastly, maps note all of the locked drawers you come across, which you should revisit when you find lockpicks.

Watch the tapes

If you’re thorough in exploring every room and hallway, you’re bound to find a number of videotapes. These aren’t just supplementary pick-ups that shed light on the Bakers and their victims. These playable side missions actually offer clues on how to progress further into the game, providing previews of parts of the Dulvey property that you haven’t yet explored as your main character, Ethan.


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