Sea Of Thieves Player Hits Max Rank, But Many Fans Are Not Happy

Sea of Thieves promises plenty of opportunities for sailing the seas and raiding treasure, but it promises more of those opportunities for those insanely dedicated players who can get max reputation with all three factions. Recently, a player became the first person to become a Pirate Legend–and some fans are not pleased.

Streamer Prod1gyX has played the game voraciously since its release, racking up dozens of hours already in his quest to hit the highest rank. And he accomplished the feat today, gaining max reputation in the Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, and Order of Souls factions. He was awarded Pirate Legend. However, he leveraged his Twitch fanbase to farm treasure for him so he could boost through the ranks quicker.

Not surprisingly, this has caused some consternation among other players. For example, the top post on the Sea of Thieves subreddit right now is titled “#NotMyPirateLegend” and is filled with players arguing that he doesn’t deserve the status of the first player to reach Legend, since he boosted ranks.

Further adding to the controversy is confusion and annoyance over what reaching Pirate Legend gets you. It unlocks a new area, called the Tavern of Legends, that is full of merchants and other NPCs. This is where players can accept the special quests that unlock when Legendary status is reached. However, it appears at this moment that these quests are similar to normal quests, but are long and feature stronger skeletons. Prod1gyX appears to have acquired some unique rewards, but pre-launch quotes from Rare make it sound like there would be much more in store for Legend-ranked players.

There’s a possibility that Rare may be planning on tweaking and adding to Pirate Legend rewards and gameplay in the future. The studio has said it’s heard player feedback about the overall game and is working on a number of improvements. For now, though, it’s focused on performance improvements and fixes to issues that have plagued Sea of Thieves since launch.


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