Star Wars: The Old Republic Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Gifts for All

In celebration of its fifth year of operation, Bioware and the Star Wars: The Old Republic team are handing out gifts like… wait who is Star Wars’ proxy for Santa Claus?

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Anyway, if you sign into the game and head to the Strongholds and Crew Skills area of your fleet before January 16, you can take home to your stronghold:

  • A Celebration Jawa (pictured above, because the description isn’t helpful)
  • A Senya-inspired Holotrainer, allowing you to train in class abilities
  • A 7-piece poster art collection

You can also pick up a brand new stronghold for yourself on Coruscant or Dromund Kaas, for five credits, instead of the usual 5,000.

Players that have maintained a continuous subscription for the full five years of SWTOR (and spent a cool $ 779.40 or thereabouts) will also be able to claim a functionless galactic alliance statue to display in their stronghold.

SWTOR expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne launched last week, check out the launch trailer, and some gameplay footage including the game’s first pilotable walkers.


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