Steam introduces tagging system for games and software

Valve has launched the beta for a new tagging feature on its digital distribution platform Steam. The system, called Steam Tags, allows users to add text tags to individual games and software on their associated Steam Store pages.

Users are being encouraged to tag entries with both genres and descriptive attributes. Tags can then be used to browse the Steam Store.

Some unusual tags have surfaced since the feature’s introduction, including “Like Miasmata”, “Better than League”, and “༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ”. For users who do not agree with tags that have become associated with a certain title, Valve has stated the following in the FAQ section on its site:

“Tags can be a good indicator of when there is a mismatch between how you perceive your game, and how your game is perceived by customers. Often, this is simply because there is some piece of information regarding the game that customers feel is missing from the store page.”

During the beta stage, Valve will be collecting feedback from users. It has not announced when the tagging feature will be officially launched.

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