The Order Looks Impressive, But Graphics Will Only Get Better, Dev Says

Ready At Dawn’s action game The Order: 1886 has been praised for its visuals, but the developer says that graphics in upcoming games will look “much better.” Speaking in an interview with, Ready At Dawn chief executive officer Ru Weerasuriya said, “I know that there’s games coming out that are going to be so much better than the ones that we make even, visually… this generation is going to be pretty sweet. I’m excited purely because of this and what I’m thinking is going to be next–what I know we’re going to do next.”

Weerasuriya explained that as games continue to improve graphically, the bar for visual quality set by The Order will become the norm. “I’m just excited because things are going to start looking better and better, and they’re going to play better and we’re going to be able to do every single type of game in this kind of visual fidelity,” he said. He also denied claims that The Order is “a QTE game,” saying that quick-time events in the game are “sparse.”

The Order: 1886 recently came under fire for its alleged short length, following a leak on YouTube which showed the game from start to finish. Chief technical officer Andrea Pessino addressed this at a recent press conference, stating that a players tackling the game at a normal difficulty and pace would finish the game in “a window between eight and ten hours.”

The Order: 1886 launches across Europe, North America, and Australia on February 20 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.


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