Ultra Street Fighter IV Gets a Release Date

Ultra Street Fighter IV, the latest update for the Street Fighter IV line, launched last year on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Since then, fans have been wondering when the game would be making the jump to current-gen consoles. Now we have an answer (at least for PlayStation 4): May 26.

In a blog post on the official US PlayStation website, Sony announced that Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 will have a simultaneous worldwide release. Other Ocean Interactive will be handling the port of the Capcom-developed fighter. An Xbox One version wasn’t mentioned, but that isn’t surprising since the announcement is on an official Sony blog. However, it’s possible that the port, like Street Fighter V, may be a console exclusive for PS4.

The new edition will come with all of the characters and DLC that have been released so far, More importantly for hardcore fighting game fans, the developer reports that it has “eliminated” the input lag present in the PS3 version.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available for $ 24.99 on PlayStation Network, and as of right now, no physical editions are in the works. GameSpot reviewed Ultra Street Fighter IV when it released last year, awarding it an eight out of ten, and citing great new characters and fighting mechanics.


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