What We’d Like to See at E3 on PC

There might not be a PC “press conference,” but that doesn’t mean PC games don’t have a big presence at E3. From the developers who bring their games to every platform to the PC-only experiences that just wouldn’t work on console, here are the games some of the PC games we’re most looking forward to checking out at E3.

The Goggles Do Everything – Dan Hindes

This year the PC is all about distinguishing itself with virtual reality. This isn’t so much going to be a showcase of the PC as a piece of gaming hardware, but of the Oculus Rift. In a significant upgrade from the tiny meeting room the company had at the expo last year, Oculus now has an actual booth in the West Hall right next to Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. And with Sony’s own Morpheus VR headsset likely to have a significant presence at the show, Oculus needs to show what VR will be doing for PC gaming. This means we’re going to see some actual, tangible, made-for-VR PC games at the show. EVE Valkyrie will no doubt remain VR’s flagship, and will likely have more widely available hands-on time in either CCP’s or Oculus’ booth.

The PC is also going to be all about Valve this year. Though notoriously reclusive at trade shows, I think the developer/publisher/PC gaming juggernaut knows it’s time to make a splash. Expect a few new Steam Machine models, as well as hands-on time with the redesigned Steam Controller.

Microsoft Need to Bring it Back – Tom Mc Shea

Microsoft has turned its back on PCs, and it’s about time that we saw a shift from that exclusionary mindset. There was a time when Microsoft’s games would be released for both its console and PC, roping in even more potential players than just one platform would allow. But that practice has slowed down so much that we see only the rare game–such as Project Spark–find its way in multiple places while the vast majority are stranded on just one platform.

This E3 should be a time for Microsoft to expand its audience. Bring Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 to Windows, and you can sell many more units than you ever could by remaining just on the Xbox platforms. It would be a goodwill gesture for a company that desperately needs positive press, and an easy way to make even more money. Who loses in this scenario?

Multiplatform Love – Justin Haywald

My consoles are great, but I still buy the bulk of my games on PC. If there’s a multiplatform version, it’ll usually look better on my gaming rig (and I’ll usually be able to get it at a deeper discount if I wait for the sale on Steam or GOG.com). So while I’m excited about playing the handful of major exclusives like Civilization: Beyond Earth and The Sims 4, it’s the multiplatform stuff I really want to hear about. Former Xbox One-exclusive Dead Rising 3 was recently confirmed for PC, but I think it’s about time for the announcement we’ve been waiting for almost a year now: Grand Theft Auto V. I’d wager that the only thing holding back the PC version of the game announcements that it also coming to PS4 and Xbox One. Rockstar has given timed-exclusivity to Sony and Microsoft in the past for some of their games, but this time I’m hoping that everyone gets to share the current-gen love at the same time, regardless of who’s stage the announcement is made on.

Now that they’ve substantially ramped up hiring, It’ll be interesting to see if Oculus introduces anything new. But I’m not expecting anything too big; they need a little more time to settle into their $ 2 billion Facebook buyout. And with the Steam controller delayed to 2015, that probably won’t have much exposure at the show either. Hardware will have to wait; E3 is all about the games, after all.

You’ve read our thoughts, but what are you most looking forward on PC at E3? Let us know in the comments below!

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