Why Altered Carbon Is Game Of Thrones For Cyberpunk

Altered Carbon is out now on Netflix and we’re quite big fans of it. Between the cyberpunk sci-fi world, the who-dun-it detective story, and the cast of memorable characters, we think it’s one of the best shows on the streaming service.

Although sci-fi continues to be perennially popular, cyberpunk as a genre is still somewhat niche. In 2018, however, it is on the cusp of grabbing the attention of a much broader market, and we think Altered Carbon could have a big part of that.

In the video, above Lucy and Tamoor discuss the show in detail, tackling the show’s themes, its plot, characters, production, and everything else in between. It’s a spoiler-filled deep dive, so we recommend watching the series first and then coming back to hear their thoughts.

Alternatively, you can watch our spoiler-free Altered Carbon review for a broader look at why we like it. We also have a written Altered Carbon review for you to check out. The show is also densely packed with information, so we’ve also put together a video breaking down of all the Altered Carbon jargon you need to know.


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