Xbox Live Experiencing Problems Today

Update: According to the Xbox Live status page, the service should be working properly for users. I’ve also been able to log on fine. There’s still no word on what caused the outage, although it’s possible that today’s launch of Windows 10 contributed to Xbox Live’s problems.

Original Story:

Xbox Live is currently unavailable for some users, and Microsoft has confirmed that the service is experiencing issues.

Right now, if you try to connect to the Internet on your Xbox, you’ll probably be greeted with a message saying that Xbox Live is currently unaccessible. Reports have been coming in about sign-in problems affecting the service, meaning that people cannot see their friends lists, send messages, or play online games. I’ve personally been experiencing the Xbox Live log-in problems.

Microsoft confirmed the issues on its Xbox Support page, although the status page itself has also been unreliable. The Xbox Support Twitter account has yet to address this issue.

The issues affect Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox apps on PC and mobile devices. Microsoft hasn’t said anything about when we can expect the problems to be fixed.

These issues come only a few days after Xbox Live was last plagued with problems.

We’ll update this story with the status of the services throughout the day. Are you having trouble getting onto Xbox Live? Let us know in the comments.


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