2K Teases New Game “Advent” Preview

2K Games has revealed more details on an upcoming game announcement. Earlier today, the publisher posted a GIF on Twitter that starts with a shot of a seemingly normal cityscape, which then morphs into city wreaked with disaster. The image can be viewed below.


The publisher has also pointed to the Advent Future website, which initially reads as a community website for a company whose slogan reads “building a brighter future together.” Staying on the page eventually reveals text that says, “The ADVENT is lying to you,” as well as other changes with sinister connotations. In addition, a link to an Advent gene therapy pamphlet provides information on being supposedly “freed from illness.”

Last week 2K’s parent company Take-Two teased a “soon-to-be announced new triple-A title from 2K.” The game will launch in Take-Two’s fiscal 2016, which means a release date before April next year. Various images which appear to be concept art are viewable on the Advent website, as shown below.

What significance does the lit-up building hold?The figures on the billboards appear to be watching the city.Spot anything unusual?

What do you think 2K has lined up? Let us know your theories in the comments below!


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