Battlefield 4 double XP event rescheduled for tomorrow Preview

dir=”ltr” style=””> Battlefield 4 ‘s Double last XP event for premium members will now take 3 to 5 January, developer DICE announced today. The event has been scheduled to begin in December, but was last week delayed problems connecting the firing line combat.

dir=”ltr” Double XP event starts Friday, 3 January 8 Clock EDT operational 58 hours until Sunday, January 5 at 06.00 clock EDT. A premium subscription Battlefield is $ 50 and includes access to five extensions and other new content published on a weekly basis.

dir=”ltr” DICE has many patches and updates for each version published Battlefield 4 when the PlayStation 4 version of the game seems to have been the most affected. Href = “/battlefield-4/” rel = “nofollow”> Developer , including divers to investigate framerate, cross disappears and hit markers and general bugs collision.

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