Brutal Legend 2? “I would love to go back there,” Tim Schafer says Preview

Industry veteran Tim Schafer, head of independent developer studio Double Fine Productions, has yet again expressed his admiration for the metal-inspired Brutal Legend series, telling GameSpot today that he hopes to return to the franchise some day.

“I love that world and I would love to go back there. And I think [actor Jack Black] might be up for it, too,” Schafer told GameSpot today during a live-stream for his new game Broken Age. A replay of the stream is available below.

Black played Brutal Legend hero Eddie Riggs, a roadie turned warrior.

Brutal Legend fans shouldn’t jump for joy yet. The original Brutal Legend cost around $ 25 million to develop and Schafer said raising that much money–or more–for a sequel “might be tricky.”

Though a full-on sequel may not be in the pipeline just yet, Schafer said a DLC pack surrounding Brutal Legend’s Lionwhyte might be more likely. Lionwhyte, leader of the fictitious Hair Metal Militia, was voiced by Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford.

“I would love to go back to that world or even just do a DLC pack…we’re always trying to get Lionwhyte in there; a playable Lionwhyte army,” Schafer said. “Maybe that would happen someday. I would definitely love to do that.”

Brutal Legend launched in October 2009 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 published by Electronic Arts, while a PC version of the game arrived in February 2013. It is Double Fine’s best-selling game ever, Schafer told GameSpot today, though it’s unclear how many copies of the game have been sold to date.

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