E3 2014: The Majority of PlayStation Now Games Could Cost $3-$20 Preview

Today Sony announced that the company is testing a number of different pricing models for its PlayStation Now service. In a press release, Sony states that “[it] will work with its publishing partners to test various rental periods and prices, depending on how and when players would like to game.” The company then says that among those different models, there will be shorter rentals priced as low as $ 2.99, and longer-term ones that will generally fall between $ 2.99-$ 19.99.

However, Sony makes clear that “as with all content published on PlayStation platforms, publishers and developers will ultimately decide their game price points.” Further, subscription models are being tested and will likely be implemented in the future.

PS Now, Sony’s streaming service for video games, allows you to play classic PlayStation games without downloading anything to your PlayStation 3, 4 or Vita system. It is currently in closed beta for PS4 and PS3.

During its press conference, Sony gave more information on PS Now and its development. It announced that Now will progress into open beta on July 31 on PS4, and that a number of new games will be available. God of War: Ascension and Dead Space 3 are among over 100 games that you will be able to stream via PS Now. Open betas for PS3, Vita, and Sony TVs will come later. With the move to open beta, a pricing model will be implemented.

Before today, however, Sony had been tight-lipped on pricing for the rental service. Still, the distribution of prices within the proposed range is unknown. Likely, newer, bigger titles will command a greater rental price. Perhaps we will see longer-term rentals for more money, as well.

You can check out our hands-on impressions of PS Now here.

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