Halo for Xbox One is Halo 5, Xbox Australia says [UPDATE] Preview

[UPDATE] A Microsoft representative told GameSpot: “This post was made in error, and we will update once we have no announcements regarding the name Halo on the Xbox is made as we said earlier .. have the award-winning franchise on Xbox One, from 2014., we need to share further details at this time. ” style=””> The original story is below. dir=”ltr” style=””> The new Halo game for the Xbox, Microsoft announced at E3 2013 a in June is Halo 5, not a spin-off after a Facebook post today by Xbox Australia

dir=”ltr” As part of a continuing series of reasons to buy an Xbox One in 2014, Microsoft, “said Reason # 14 -. simply not to give the Promethean and John-117 Compact pause Master Chief returns for the exciting continuation of the saga Halo Reclaimer 5 “!.

dir=”ltr” In June, the former chief Don Mattrick Xbox refers to the new game like Halo Halo 5 .

However dir=”ltr” Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer has refused to say whether this game was Halo 5, when approached by Gamespot earlier this year. Only He described the game as “ legitimate . “

dir=”ltr” style=””> we arrived since the beginning to Microsoft for comment on the report today, but we were not in able to reach a representative the company at the time of printing.

Microsoft has released a trailer for the upcoming game Halo with Master Chief in the desert.’s new Halo game begins in 2014 on Xbox One, Halo: Spartan storm for the new system this week =


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