Introducing the New League of Legends Preview

In accordance with their annual revamp schedule, League of Legends developer Riot Games unveiled upcoming changes leading into the new season of their game. While the 2016 Season Update page did contain the usual tweaks, buffs, and general in-game changes, several of the announcements surrounded upgrades and replacements for many of the (now aging) out-of-game experiences.

Now that the season has started and these anticipated features are starting to unlock for players, GameSpot sat down with several of Riot’s designers to learn more about what changes and additions League will be seeing this year.

What is the new League of Legends client?

Greg Street, the lead game designer for League of Legends, explains why and how they intend to replace the game’s aging client with a new one.

How do parties and clubs, League’s new social features, work?

Greg Street discusses the new clubs and party features set to hit League in a future update.

What is Dynamic Queue and what changes are happening to Champion Select?

Alan Moore from Riot Games explains how the new dynamic queue system in League of Legends lets you play with more of your friends in ranked games.

How can players unlock new champions, skins and more through the upcoming Hextech Crafting system?

Greg Street explains how Hextech Crafting is a new system being introduced into League of Legends that will allow you to unlock almost any champion or cosmetic item just by playing the game.

Finally, who is Jhin, The Virtuoso, League’s new upcoming champion?

League of Legends champion designer August Browning talks about his upcoming champion, Jhin, The Virtuoso. Learn about Jhin’s abilities, his gameplay, and what went into creating him.


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