New Pokemon Go Update Adds Ability to Check Out Pokemon’s Attack/Defence Stats Preview

Niantic Labs has released a new Pokemon GO update which adds the Pokemon Appraisal feature. Players will be able to use it to learn about a Pokemon’s attack and defence capabilities, as measured by their Team Leader.

This implies that the feature is only available to players who have reached at least level five and chosen a faction to side with–Team Mystic, Team Valour, or Team Instinct. But we all already know that Team Valour is the best.

Credit: Trainer Tips Twitter.Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

A Pokemon’s attack and defence statistics have influence over how well it will perform in battle. As you can see in the screenshots above (shared by Trainer Tips, werwin11), the Appraisal feature provides an overview of the statistics, as opposed to sharing the actual numbers.

In addition, the update adds “minor bot fixes.” Developer Niantic has said it is still working on “several new and exciting features” to be implemented in the game.

Recently, Niantic announced its intention to take action against players who were cheating in Pokemon Go. The developer has begun issuing permanent bans to players who used bot programs such as GPS-spoofers. Players who have been determined as cheaters will receive an email informing of the termination of their account. Players who think they’ve shouldn’t have been banned can file a support ticket with the Pokemon Go help center here to get the reinstatement process started.

For players more interested in the main RPG series of Pokemon games, The Pokemon Company recently announced four new creatures for the upcoming Pokemon Sun/Moon, two of which are sand castles.


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