Nintendo Switch Preorder Price Guaranteed by UK Retailer Preview

UK retailer GameSeek is taking preorders for the Nintendo Switch with a guaranteed price of GBP£198.50 (USD$ 246.79).

Nintendo has yet to announce a set price for its upcoming portable console, so this UK retailer has either let the cat out of the bag, taken a big risk, or has something more nefarious in mind.

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According to the GameSeek website, preorder prices are guaranteed, meaning that if the price increases after you place your preorder, you’ll pay the lower price. The unspoken threat in this is if the price decreases, you may be locked into the original listed price. The preorder price guarantee is not detailed in the company’s terms and conditions.

According to a Facebook comment on the GameSeek store page for the Switch, one customer has spoken to their local GameSeek store, and was told that all customers that have placed a preorder for the Switch have had their money refunded.

We have reached out to GameSeek for comment, and will update this story as it unfolds.

In an earnings briefing yesterday, GameStop CEO called the Nintendo Switch a possible “game-changer,” and hinted at it having motion controls.


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