No Destiny Valentine’s Day Event This Year, Next Update Announced Preview

Destiny‘s Crimson Days event, themed around Valentine’s Day, is not coming back this year. Developer Bungie announced this today in its latest weekly blog post.

“Crimson Days will not be making a return this year. We enjoyed adding some gunfire to your date night, but we have other plans,” Bungie said. “Instead, we’re dedicating our efforts to delivering different things for you to play.”

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The developer teased that the Bungie “Live” team, which creates events like Crimson Days, will reveal its next update somewhat soon. “We’re super excited to tell you about it–but not so excited that we’ll jump the gun,” Bungie said.

Bungie added that this update, whatever it is, will come out during “springtime.”

“It’s rarely our policy to issue guarantees about things that are not yet certified for download. Given the work that is being done behind the scenes, however, we feel like we can start to call the shot,” Bungie said.

The developer also confirmed in its weekly blog post that the next Destiny update will include some weapon balance changes. “The exact release date is to-be-determined. The full notes on fixes and changes are to-be-revealed,” Bungie said.

You can read the full Bungie weekly blog post here.

2017 is poised to be a big year for Destiny. As announced previously, Bungie plans to launch Destiny 2 during the year, though the game has yet to be formally unveiled.


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