Official Pokemon Online Store Coming in August, Countdown Clock Begins Preview

If you felt like you always missed out on neat Japanese Pokemon merchandise exclusives that only came out in places like the Tokyo Pokemon Center, you may soon get a chance to buy them yourself. Nintendo today launched the countdown clock for an official online Pokemon Center.

Of course, the US already has a Nintendo store in New York, and several smaller shops in Washington, but a site like this holds the promise of making limited-edition, Pokemon-specific items more easily accessible and readily available to other parts of the country.

Right now you can order three things: a plush Pikachu for $ 12.99, a set of Eevee evolution charms for $ 23.92, or a purple Mewtwo Tumbler for $ 17.50. The countdown isn’t set to end until August 6, so we’ll have quite a long wait to find out what exciting items the store will have available once it goes live. Personally, I’m holding out for a classy Pikachu in a polo.

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