Sonic Mania’s New Gameplay Trailer Showcases Flying Battery Zone Preview

Sega has released a new gameplay trailer for Sonic Mania, showcasing Sonic’s rival-turned-ally Knuckles navigating Dr. Eggman’s airship, the Flying Battery Zone.

Like the game’s reimagined Green Hill Zone, Flying Battery Zone is a remixed version of a classic Sonic level, this one from 1994’s Sonic & Knuckles. The new footage shows Knuckles using his signature abilities, gliding through the air and scaling walls, to make his way through the stage. You can take a look at the trailer below.

Sonic Mania is launching for PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC later this year, though Sega hasn’t announced an exact release date; the game was originally scheduled to arrive in spring, but the publisher recently delayed it until sometime this summer.

Meanwhile, Sega’s other new Sonic game, Sonic Forces, recently revealed its own rendition of the iconic Green Hill Zone. Like Sonic Generations, Forces features a mix of both modern, 3D Sonic gameplay and classic side-scrolling stages. Sonic Forces is likewise coming to PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC, though the game won’t arrive until much later this year.


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