Ubisoft’s Open-World Racer The Crew PC Closed Beta Starts Tomorrow Preview

Ubisoft’s open-world racing game The Crew will launch its PC closed beta tomorrow, the company has announced.

In addition to launching just a couple of days earlier than originally planned, Ubisoft also revealed what players will be able to test drive during the beta. If you’ve been keeping up with our previous coverage of The Crew, you know the game features a giant, open-world map that allows you to drive from coast to coast of the United States. The closed beta will allow you to free roam the entire map, but only has missions and skill challenges for the Midwest, and skill challenges for the East Coast. You’ll also be able to race other players in the East Coast and Midwest.

Different terrains will require different car specs, and the closed beta will allow you to customize The Street Spec, which you’ll get in Detroit, and The Dirt Spec, which you’ll get in New York. Ubisoft also said that you’ll get a glimpse of the Perf, Raid, and Circuit specs.

The PC closed beta will run from July 21 to July 25. You can sign up for the beta on Ubisoft’s website. The Crew is scheduled for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 11. GameSpot’s own Carolyn Petit recently took a trip from Detroit to Miami in The Crew, so be sure to check out her preview for more on the game.

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