[Update] Xbox Live, Xbox Website Currently Down Preview

Update: Xbox Live (and Xbox.com) appear to be mostly back online. The service status page does note, however, that certain apps are currently experiencing issues, including YouTube and Netflix.

Original Story: Xbox Live is currently experiencing problems that Microsoft says it’s in the process of resolving.

The current Xbox Live Status page

On the first day of a free online multiplayer weekend for Xbox 360 owners, the service is offline, though it’s currently unclear why. On top of that, it’s impossible to check its status–the usual webpage tracking any issues lists all services as “unavailable.” The entirety of Xbox.com has also been rendered inaccessible for periods of time.

According to multiple tweets from the Xbox Support Twitter account, Microsoft is aware of the problems and is attempting to fix them. “Our teams are currently working to resolve a few Xbox Live issues,” the account said in one tweet.

We’ll have more details as they are made available.


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