Xbox One | Five Things We Noticed About Call of Duty: Ghosts Preview

Guiding your dog, shooting at fish, and playing your part in Call of Duty: Ghosts.


Activision has been showing off the first gameplay for its revamped Call of Duty game at E3 2013. The story in Call of Duty: Ghosts takes place more than a decade after an as-yet-unspecified event dethrones America as a world superpower. As a result of the incident, you and your brother grow up a product of this new age, taking up arms as part of a resistance force. While developer Infinity Ward says that this turning of the tables means you’ll no longer have the juicy military gadgets you normally would at your disposal, the demo we saw definitely didn’t have us fighting with pointy sticks. Read on for five things we noticed during our demo of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

You will need to prepare your approach

Plenty of jokes have already been made about the inclusion of a dog in this year’s instalment, but after seeing the game in action, it’s clear that the addition adds a stealth helper as much as it does a fighting sidekick. Riley, your canine companion, is fitted with its own tactical vest, which includes a periscope-style camera you can deploy in the field to scout ahead before wading into combat. There will still be plenty of time to go in with guns blazing, but in at least one section, it was useful to pull out a tablet controller, take control in pup view, and issue commands to mark targets before launching our attack.

Dogs can wear headphones too

Like any good member of the team, Riley is equipped with an earpiece and is wired for sound. This allows you to whisper sweet nothings and orders during tense moments. These include commands to sneak in and scope out the scene, or go straight for the jugular, biting at opponents’ arms and tearing out their throats. Just pretend every bad guy is the mail carrier.

You will still need to do the bulk of the work for your team

Another mission we saw had us as part of a three-man team, stealthily infiltrating a high-rise office block in Caracas, Venezuela. After firing bolts to secure ziplines, we slowly slid our way down the outer glass of the building, allowing us to pick off groups of guards. Some sat facing away, oblivious to our presence, making for easy targets, while others loitered around, playing poker in an adjacent room. It’s clear the game wants you to be the one pulling the trigger, rather than simply being along for the ride, so expect to do the majority of the heavy lifting, even when shoulder-to-shoulder with a teammate with a clear shot.

You will fire a gun underwater

Yep, you read that right. While plenty of previous games in the series have seen you don a wetsuit and mask to go for a swim, it has typically been under the premise of simply getting behind enemy lines before ascending to the surface. COD: Ghosts will give you a chance to do full underwater warfare. In another mission that took place in the Caribbean, we began by navigating a coral and seaweed playground, while colourful fish darted around us. A warning from our partner said that while we could fire our rifle, we’d need to put twice as many bullets into our victims as we would on dry land–he was right.

Underwater hand-launched guided missiles are a thing

Spotted and targeted by a roving submarine, we pulled out a hand-launched guided missile. Just as was the case when shooting down the enemy helicopter early in the Black Ops II campaign, once out of the tube, we steered it in manually, homing in on the red targeting reticle. And no, before you ask, the dog was not paddling along with us in a fishbowl diving helmet; he’ll only join you for certain missions from the looks of things.

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