Review: Blast Works (Wii) – Pre-Owned

Blast Works (Wii) – Pre-Owned

Across more than 15 different land, air and sea missions, the goal of Blast Works is to destroy enemy ships while continually growing your own into a massive craft by absorbing their fragments. The larger a fused ship is, the easier it is to protect from the growing onslaught of enemy firepower. Players can also upgrade their ship in the Hangar by customising weapons, propulsion systems and armor. Creative types will further enjoy building a ship from scratch with the Ship Editor and then testing it out in combat on a custom level theyve built with the Level Editor. To defend the Hangar, players must use the Wii Remote like an anti-aircraft turret to shoot down enemies attacking from all angles. Finally, the games 2-player cooperative mode lets players work together to blast enemies, fuse debris to grow their ships and finish the mission as a team.

Price: $ 3.50
Sold by USA, LLC

The Game
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