Review: Casualarcade Games Muncher Mania – Kingdoms [windows 98/me/xp]

Casualarcade Games Muncher Mania – Kingdoms [windows 98/me/xp]

Discover a wonderful 3D world with a wide variety of enemies, exciting bonuses, hilarious gameplay and a never-before-told story about the Muncher King’s stolen crown! Watch the mayhem and mischief unfold in entertaining intercut scenes while you search for the crown in 100 diversely themed levels. It’s all sure to give you a royal case of Muncher Mania! Features: Breathtaking 3D graphics 100 action-filled levels 2 game styles: classic or story mode Many unique bonus objects Single and multiplayer settings Cooperative and competitive modes Multiple worlds with exciting visuals Easy to learn controls System Requirements for Windows Windows 98, Me, XP Pentium 500 MHz processor or faster 64 MB RAM 30 MB free hard disk space 16 MB 3D video card DirectX 8.1 or better Windows compatible sound card CD-ROM drive

Price: $ 2.35
Sold by USA, LLC

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