Review: Casualarcade Games Snowball Bustout [windows 98/me/xp]

Casualarcade Games Snowball Bustout [windows 98/me/xp]

Santa Claus Needs Your Help! Oh, no! The imps have taken over! Mischievous imps are hiding in Santa’s gift boxes, tossing out the presents and making everyone’s holiday miserable. It’s up to you to stop them with your magic snowball and bring Christmas cheer back to the North Pole! Break open the boxes to reveal the imps inside. Then capture them with the paddle to gain valuable power-ups. But watch outthe imps have a few tricks up their sleeves and won’t be easy to defeat. Can you meet the challenge? Santa’s counting on you! Features: Over 50 different levels Amazing graphics Bonus objects and obstacles Load/save game option System Requirements for Windows Windows 98, Me, XP, Vista Pentium 266 MHz processor or faster 64 MB RAM 10 MB free hard disk space 16 MB 3D video card DirectX 8.1 or better Windows compatible sound card CD-ROM drive

Price: $ 7.35
Sold by USA, LLC

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