Review: Cop Land (1997)

Cop Land (1997)

This tense action-thriller explodes with nonstop excitement and riveting star performances! Sylvester Stallone (Spy Kids(tm) 3-D: Game Over, Driven) stars as Freddy Heflin, the sheriff of a place everyone calls “Cop Land” – a small and seemingly peaceful town populated by the big city police officers he’s long admired. Yet something ugly is taking place behind the town’s peaceful facade. And when Freddy uncovers a massive, deadly conspiracy among these local residents, he is forced to take action – and make a dangerous choice between protecting his idols…and upholding the law! Robert De Niro (Analyze That!, Meet the Parents), Harvey Keitel (Red Dragon, U-571) and Ray Liotta (Identity, John Q) head an incredible cast in this critically acclaimed and unforgettable motion picture!

Price: $ 2.99
Sold by USA, LLC

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