Review: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Prima Official Game Guide includes: – Master All Quests – Every map, enemy position, hidden treasure, and more revealed for every quest – Over 40 Labeled Maps – All areas explored. From the icy cold of Castle Black to the deadly sewers of King’s Landing – Survive the Treachery – Expert tips on how to maximize your abilities – Gear Up – Complete lists for hundreds of pieces of equipment so you can pick the gear that’s right for your build – Write Your Own Fate – Unlock all endings with our comprehensive walkthrough “It is a tremendous honor for us to be involved with Game of Thrones, a property renowned for its exceptional quality and beloved the world over. The official video game, which features intense turn-based combat and a rich narrative, demands focus and keen strategy from the player. This guide will equip you with the best tools possible to maximize your chances for success in the Seven Kingdoms.” -“Development Team,” Cyanide

Price: $ 13.85
Sold by USA, LLC

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