9/6 Live Stream Roundup (Halloween Preview)

reaper mount title

Yesterday’s live stream featured Daglar and Simon and offered quite a bit of insight into what’s coming up in 2.4 and beyond. They also mentioned that Instant Adventure is now cross-shard, but that tidbit was missing from Wednesday’s patch notes. So for those of you who missed it or do not have the time to watch the live stream, here is a quick recap of what we found out:


New crafting recipes which will drop from expert dungeons.Performance improvements for players on low-end computers. Players playing on high-end computer will eventually get improvements, but they want to focus first on the low end to make the game more accessible.You will be able to re-size the RIFT Store via settings.Pixel Granularity Graphics Option in the form of a sliding bar. You can sacrifice visual quality to get improved framerate.An beta version of a colorblind option will be appearing. Everything has not been properly adjusted, but it’s a start for allowing the game to cater towards colorblind players.All Frozen Eclipse Stones will be converted to Empyreal Slayers Marks and the new 2.4 raids will both drop Frozen Eclipse Stones. With this change, the current T1 raid gear will be purchasable with Empyreal Slayers Marks.Rank 90 will be added with 2.4. With PvP, there is no plan to do any sort of marks conversion. Prestige and Favor vials will work on the journey from rank 80-90.You will no longer be able to select an individual faction in Conquest. You’ll only be able to enter using the new join random button.

Beyond 2.4:

Simon is working on something called ‘Unstable Artifacts’ which apparently are going to drive artifact hunters crazy.Some of the old 10-mans may be revamped for level 60 content.Squirrel Mount confirmed, however no ETA or details on how to acquire it. Check out this vine!
Looking at adding in a Hellbug Zone event, with the larger hellbugs from Defiance as end bosses.

More “Dynamic” stuff (and Autumn Harvest stuff!):

Daglar is looking to add some dynamism to more aspects of the game. He started with an experiment over the weekend, as I’m sure many of you discovered, that involved selling four unique, near-BiS weapons on each of the NA servers over the AH for platinum. More than a couple sold for over 200k plat each.Trion will also be adding in more “Mayhem” events, which are the week-long events where zone events are aplenty and currency and special items and achievements are obtainable. They’re planning some fun surprises and rewards for the next one, especially. They’re also going to be communicating about these events better.Tons of new awesome items this year coming with Autumn Harvest (which starts sometime in October), including a Horse Mask, Mallard Mask, Devious Jack’o’Lantern headpiece, Missing Head headpiece (shown below), ‘The Reaper’ Mount (see title image) and the Storm Assassin’s set (shown to the left). There will be a special reward for collecting all these special mask items. There will be multiple new mounts.It sounds like Trion is planning a community costume contest or some such for Halloween.Daglar also mentioned bobble head and shrink potions for this year’s Halloween/Autumn Harvest.A witch broom mount may possibly be coming next year.

halloween masks

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