A Marketer’s Take on Trion and RIFT


With the fair bit of negativity still circling the RIFT community, it’s sometimes not a bad idea to look at something slightly more positive in times like this. In a recent interview with [a]list daily, Trion Worlds’ senior vice president of marketing Noah Maffitt had a look at the effects of RIFT‘s move to free-to-play and the outlook of the future in general for Trion. Now, while Trion isn’t required to report their exact earnings like a lot of MMORPG publishers, we’ve heard a few solid hints about the profits that F2P has brought to RIFT. It’s pretty obvious, in fact, just from all of the new players the transition has brought to the game.

“Trion has undergone major changes this year, and one big one was the transition of the MMORPG Rift from subscription to free-to-play. “I’m actually very pleased with how the team has executed on it,” Maffitt said. “It was a planned transition that’s taken months and months to do. They’ve thought through all the little details very well. We actually saw our sales go up after we announced free-to-play, because we think we have a compelling package around that transition. Our player counts have gone way up, as well. All early signs are good.””

Maffitt goes on in the article to talk more about the future of Trion and the lessons the company has learned from Defiance as well as how the company has handled things from a marketing point of view. Check out the full article to read more.

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