A Peek at the New RIFT Store Spindrel Mount

shiny spider title

During this week’s hotfix, Trion changed the name of Deeps’ Supply Crates to ‘Crucia’s Supply Crates’ and gave these RIFT Store-only crates a handful of mostly new items. Among the new items are weapon transfiguration skins for some of the River of Souls and Greenscale’s Blight Life and Death-themed weapons and offhand items as well as a new mount– the Golden Armored Spindrel.

This Spindrel mount’s a recolor of the original Spindrel mount, of course, who is a creepy-looking purple armored spider. The Golden Armored Spindrel is still pretty creepy-looking, but also… quite shiny! Interested in taking a peek? One player was kind enough to show off a screenshot when they received the shard first achievement for looting the lil’ guy. Keep reading to take a look at the full-size image.

shiny spider

Special thanks to Joeriz9 for showing off the goods.

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