Achievement Trophies and Revamped Dungeon Poll

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For anyone who’s wished they could show off achievement reward items on alts without having to actually do the achievements a second time, Daglar announced a new item coming to the RIFT Store that will allow exactly that. Trion is adding a new store section and items called Trophies. Trophies will let players pick up bind-on-account copies of achievement rewards such as mounts and pets that can be handed to an alt. These Trophies can only be purchased if you have completed the achievement. They’re merely a way to let players create copies of special items.

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

I wanted to get a post up about a new section we are adding to the store, and may be appearing on the PTS in the upcoming weeks.

The new section is called Trophies and its been created in order to house certain items that are unlocked via achievements.

The first batch of items that will appear in the this section are items that you can earn via existing achievements, you are still awarded these existing items via the achievements, but if you want another copy of them, you have the option of purchasing a bound on account version of the item to give to an alt.

In the future we will be experimenting with more exclusive items for this section.

Daglar didn’t mention what currencies these Trophies can be purchased for, but they will most likely be limited to Credits.

In other news, as mentioned during last Friday’s live stream, Trion is hoping to revamp some of our favorite level 50 Expert dungeons into level 60 versions with new mechanics and level-appropriate rewards. Realm of the Fae will be the first headed our way in RIFT 2.4. The development team’s now considering which other dungeons to revamp and has made a poll for players to participate in. Check out the forum conversation regarding the poll or the actual poll to share your thoughts. Our vote? Deepstrike Mines!

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