Dev Tracker Roundup: Cleric/Warrior Tanking, Riftblade

Yesterday both Atrius and Zinbik were hard at work on the official RIFT forums, communicating with the community about upcoming changes to Warrior and Justicar tank mitigation, as well as some changes being made to Riftblade. Here’s a roundup of their posts, starting with Zinbik’s thoughts on tank mitigation and the announcement of a change for Doctrine of Glory:

Originally posted by Zinbik (Source)

As of right now, internally, all tanks have nearly identical health and mitigation. This is already largely true on LIVE.

Nearly all of the changes currently being made to Warrior tanks involve allowing them to establish their mitigation more easily or passively against all monsters involved in the fight. Justicars already have the advantage there, because the only active mitigation factor we have to establish during the fight is Precept of Refuge. Everything else is passive or a lengthy buff, meaning we get the full benefits against all monsters right from the start of the fight.

The only real changes to the math behind Warrior mitigation are largely minor to help establish better internal Warrior equivalency. I’m not going to completely discount the possibility of some crazy new hybrid popping up that we haven’t considered that comes out ahead, because that happens sometimes in a system like this. However, that possibility has been at the forefront of our thoughts throughout the process.

As far as Soul Coalescence equivalents go, yes, Doctrine of Glory will soon reduce your damage taken by 2.86% per Conviction consumed for 4s. It will no longer heal at all, because it was unloved and no longer wishes to help anyone.

Continue reading to see the other dev tracker posts.

And here are some thoughts from Atrius, who has been diligently working with the Warrior community to try and eliminate the current Warrior tank and DPS issues. First, his thoughts on the 10% damage mitigation discrepancy that the developers have stated currently separates Warrior tanks from Cleric and Rogue tanks:

Originally posted by Atrius (Source)

Ok, let me address this 10% issue. We called it a 10% lower issue because as we ran tests we found a 10% reduction over the course of a test. The guys testing tanks sent me some things they found that we all believe were leading to this discrepancy. After implementing these changes I ran a test following their findings and as a Paladin, once Pacifying Strike, Light’s benediction and Aggressive Block are up I am hitting the same comparable numbers as the Justicar and there is no longer a 10% issue. Since these buffs are intended to be kept up, once the initial rotation is over the Paladin should be at comparable numbers for the rest of the fight.

So in essence the 10% mitigation issue should be fixed, provided you test with a Paladin who has those three abilities active. And if you are worried about getting through that first rotation, fire off Shield Defense to cover it (Since you now have Aegis of the Light you can burn your Shield Defense and not be worried about not having a CD).

Also, some news about Riftblade:

Originally posted by Atrius (Source)

A few days ago I said that it was not our intention to nerf the Riftblade in any way. Unfortunately we fixed a couple bugs that drastically increased Riftblade Burst damage (10K ticks on Fiery Burst have been mentioned a few times). After looking into the impact these bug fixes have had we are going to have to make one small nerf. So I wanted to come here and let you guys know what that was going to be. We are going to reduce Burst Capacitor from 5% per Talent Point to 4%. From a Maximum of 25% to a Maximum of 20%.

This change should come into PTS at the same time as the Paragon buffs so please test them against one another.

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