Endless Eclipse Coming December 12th!

Trion’s well on their way to continuing their goal of frequent content dates even after the recent launch of Storm Legion. RIFT Patch 2.1, also known as Endless Eclipse, will be released on live servers on December 12th:

Messengers race from Morban with grave news: Regulos readies an apocalyptic return to Telara. Agents of the Endless Court have collected his shattered essence, selected a host, and prepared a portal to the Plane of Death. The Devourer of Worlds is coming, and unlike Crucia, who offered salvation for submission, he wants only to annihilate the Ascended, their world, and all that lies beyond.

Endless Eclipse will feature Storm Legion’s second 20-man raid, Endless Eclipse, which Rift Junkies got a chance to preview during the expansion’s beta. The patch will also bring a little cheer to our faction capitols with this year’s updated Fae Yule holiday event. Level 60 players will also be able to experience iconic Storm Legion lore (hi, Crucia!) in the new Chronicle, A Hero Rises.

For more information, please see Trion’s official release announcement and RIFT 2.1’s information page.

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