Fae Yule 2012 Previewing on PTS

Over the weekend, RIFT’s Public Test Server (PTS) received a fairly large update, and within that update was a preview of the holiday cheer headed our way in RIFT 2.1. I’m talking of no other world event than Fae Yule, of course, which debuted last year as Trion’s first annual holiday event. We already knew the team had some extra goodies in store for us this year, but we didn’t know what exactly. Now we do– and here’s a preview!

Note: All information from the PTS is subject to change at any time, especially item prices, etc.

Fae Yule is essentially the same lighthearted, goodie-filled holiday it was last year, except this year there is more to do, and more ways to spend Unique Snowflakes, which will be great for players who found themselves a little overrun with the currency last time around. There are some new items, including items for Storm Legion-leveled players, festive dimension items, and pets and mounts that are both new and returning. The event itself is still largely centered in Meridian and Sanctum, though Iron Pine Peak plays an important role this time as well.

Grandfather Frost is still around in the faction capitols, and offers most of the same starting quests and dailies as last year. Additionally, he offers a new daily to enjoy a bit of snowball tossing in a snowy part of Sanctum/Meridian with other players. The quest’s aptly named “Frosty Free-for-All” and requires players to both hit other players with snowballs and also get hit by them. This arena of sorts, conveniently, is also where some of the newer Fae Yule additions are located.

In this area is a new vendor– Mr. Gold’s Yule Dimension Emporium. Yep, be ready to do a little in-game dimension decorating, folks! For 2500 Snowflakes you can pick up a Commerative Grandfather Frost Statue, or for 250 Snowflakes you can grab a snowman, sleigh, or Fae Yule tree (or even the extra-special, vandalized version (shown below, in the middle) for a discounted price of 150 Snowflakes!). A wreath will cost you 150 Snowflakes, and a ribboned candle will cost 100 Snowflakes. There are also gift boxes and strings of colored lights available for 50 Snowflakes apiece.

And as a hint for players out there already planning their holiday decorating spree, in Tempest Bay there is a dimension vendor who already sells ice cubes if you’ve reached Decorated with the Lycini faction.

Another spoiler of sorts: There’s a second Fae Yule dimension item vendor that unlocks additional holiday-themed goodies, including candy canes, blobs of snow, icicles, and stacks of presents. A series of Fae Yule Instant Adventures unlocks this vendor, and some of the items are even obtainable during the IAs. For a preview of these items and all the Fae Yule dimension items, there is a dimension currently available on the PTS that a Trion dev put together called “Fae Yule Tavern.” For a brief Youtube tour, check out Slipmat’s preview.

Now, back to our faction capitols! In the same area as Mr. Gold, there’s a new quest and a rather large portal that takes players on a sledding adventure. Wait– a sledding adventure in RIFT? You bet! Well, kind of a cross between sledding and snowboarding, really.

The portal transports players to Iron Pine Peak, where there are two repeatable quests to grab a shield-sled, and use it to fly down a snowy mountainside. One quest has you knock down snowmen, (Gensnowcide? Sure, why not?) and another asks you to pass through banner checkpoints. The sledding area isn’t overly large (you’ll get dismounted if you travel too far), but it’s still quite fun, and one of the best mini-games in RIFT so far in my opinion.

Besides sledding and snowballs, there is also the aforementioned series of Fae Yule-themed Instant Adventures to keep players busy this year. The IA fits well thematically, takes place in multiple areas, and even the Yeti in Iron Pine Peak find themselves involved. For the PvP crew, there is also a Fae Yule-themed alternative Whitefall warfront. Players take on Santa Claws in this version, as well as each other. So far on the PTS, there is a series of achievements for this special version of Whitefall. We may very likely see additional Fae Yule achievements as well.

As far as the faction cities, there are presents, goodies, and plenty of food and beverage vendors located around Sanctum and Meridian that will feel familiar to players who took part in Fae Yule last year. Goodies, including Snowflakes, food items, the snowmen from last year, and most likely other surprises are randomly mailed out to players as the holiday progresses. Random items including currency can also be obtained from Jingling Bells, which are often quest rewards during Fae Yule. Similar to last year, there are also Fae Yule trees located out in the world that are a decent way of grabbing extra currency.

There are three Fae Yule mounts (from the left to right in the picture: Grey Festive Fae Yule Vaiyuu, Tawny Fae Yule Vaiyuu, and Spotted Festive Fae Yule Vaiyuu) now located in Sanctum/Meridian, and a Yeti NPC in front of them who suspiciously looks like a questgiver. Trion’s still obviously working on this part, but my guess would be that there will be some type of series of quests or currency gathering to obtain these mounts, similar to how Autumn Harvest worked. Two of these mounts were obtainable last year, although the Spotted Festive Vaiyuu was only possible to get from rifts, invasions, footholds, zone events, and Jingling Bells. The Grey Festive Vaiyuu is this year’s new mount.

New items have been added to the Unique Snowflake vendor which is also located in the faction capitols, including level 58 blue quality planar essences (650 Snowflakes), blue quality level 58 red snow hats (650 Snowflakes), an item that can be used to upgrade those level 58 helms into epic level 60 helms (1000 Snowflakes), a holiday-colored wardrobe cape that’s pictured to the right (500 Snowflakes), two Vaiyuu companions named Prancer (brown) and Dancer (grey) that each cost 500 Snowflakes, a unique, Bind-to-Account 28-slot bag (650 Snowflakes), and the same items as last year, including the wardrobe set, festive corgi pet, and air elemental weapon/character effect items.

So far, the new additions look impressive. Besides the Fae Yule goodies, there is a new level 60 Chronicle available on the PTS for player testing that will also be a focus of RIFT Patch 2.1. As always, stay tuned to Rift Junkies for further updates as more information is revealed on the PTS.

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