How About a Hard Mode Chronicle?

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Thanks to player feedback regarding the Infernal Dawn: Laethys chronicle that recently hit the PTS and is coming to live shards in RIFT 2.4, the Trion dungeon team has decided to add in a Hard Mode button that players can access to face opponents that present more of a challenge. Chronicles are intended for players who are newly-60 or who are just entering Expert dungeons, so having two modes of chronicle difficulties does seem to make a lot of sense, especially as raiders gain better gear. Here’s what krug had to say:

Originally posted by krug (Source)

Thanks for the feedback, everyone – it’s much appreciated. Balancing these chronicles is an interesting prospect, as they’re intended to be fun for everyone, but they can’t really be balanced for everyone. Infernal Dawn: Laethys is meant to be a little harder than Queen’s Gambit, but the challenge level is really for people gearing up into dungeons and maybe expert dungeons.

That said, as an experiment, I’ve added a Hard Mode button near the Communicator by Maklamos which will increase his difficulty and provide some remuneration. This should show up in the next update. If you get a chance, play through, and let me know what you think.

If the experiment goes well, we could potentially see Hard Modes for more chronicles and encounters in chronicles. Is this something the game needs, you think, or would we be better off with more difficult chronicles overall or a reevaluation of chronicle rewards in general?

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