Infernal Dawn: Laethys First Look and Guide

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Earlier in the week we saw the appearance of a new chronicle on the public test shard known as “Infernal Dawn: Laethys”. This chronicle takes place in an alternate reality where Laethys, more commonly known as the dragon of earth, was never defeated (same reality Voodoo are in perhaps?). Unopposed, she has now grown in power and seeks the means to tear down the sliver barrier and cross over into our reality to invade an unsuspecting Telara. This chronicle is marked as a duo chronicle and is intended for two players, however at the moment it is possible for a single player to solo it.

The chronicle starts at the entrance to the earth wing in the Infernal Dawn raid with a somewhat unfamiliar NPC known as Rawlte talking to his alternate self through the sliver barrier. If you talk to him you can find out a bit of Rawlte’s backstory. He was sent by the empyreal alliance to investigate sliver universes, but upon opening this sliver he was confronted with his alternate self seeking aid from our world. He then sent word to General Batau for reinforcements and now you are here to save the day as usual!

Both of these Rawltes offer a daily quest that can be completed along with your usual ventures in the chronicle and reward a decent amount of experience and platinum along with a 100 reputation token that can be used for one of six factions (Achyati, Hailol, Empyreal Alliance, Eternal City Survivors, Necropolis Caretakers and the Qaijiri). One of the quests is to kill 10 Dreaded Longshots and the other is to activate 7 Monitrons which are located all over the chronicle. Both are very straightforward, quick and easy to do, so I’d highly recommend doing them along with the chronicle when this hits live.

Once you’ve taken the quests you can then start to journey down into the crystalline grotto. The trash mobs in this instance are scattered fairly loosely and hit about the same as trash you would encounter in the Queen’s Gambit chronicle. Just before you enter the Maklamos’s room you will notice to the left is a ‘communicator’. This device can be accessed before the boss to communicate with Rawlte who will give you hints and tips of how to deal with certain mechanics. Throughout the instance you will find there is a communicator before every boss, so if you are ever confused about a mechanic, you can use this tool to get an explanation.

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Maklamos is the first boss of the instance. The fight involves switching between the boss and his juggernauts at certain intervals, while also running around the room and using appropriate coloured crystals to protect yourself from harm. It is a fairly simple encounter and in its current state if you do fail at any mechanic you aren’t really punished. However, I’d like to remind you all that this only appeared on the public test shard recently, and since then the overall feedback of this chronicle on the feedback forums is “Make it more challenging”, so expect an increase in difficulty when this hits live.

Once you have slain Maklamos you can then start to make your way towards Rusila, fighting your way onto her ship the Dread Fortune. The trash you’ll face while working your way onto the Dread Fortune is actually quite engaging. Trion took a lot of the mechanics they had back in the original infernal Dawn raid and incorporated them into the trash. For example, if you don’t line-of-sight the Dreaded Longshots for their Deadshot cast, you will find yourself taking quite the hefty hit.

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Rusila herself is a very well done encounter. It plays almost exactly as it does in the raid, except you don’t have to spend ages running barrels to the other side of the ship! Instead, throughout the ship there are barrels of Dragon’s Breath. You simply pick them up and then use a reactive ability to drop them. You then have a few seconds to move away before they explode or you will be caught in the explosion and take a fair amount of damage.

There are 4 hatches throughout the ship where adds will continually spawn, and you have the choice of either blowing up these hatches with the barrels to stop adds spawning or going straight for the heart, which upon killing the heart will cause Rusila herself to become active. If you do leave the hatches up, however, keep in mind that adds will continue to spawn. You then have buzz saws and giant pools of lava along with a variety of other mechanics to deal with. Once you’ve managed to defeat Rusila, a portal will then open at the bottom of the ramp you used to board the ship which will take you to the chamber of Laethys.

Laethys chronicle header

Laethys, visually, is probably one of my favorite bosses of all time. She just looks incredible and all the animations are smooth and amazing to watch. The fight in this chronicle plays out in a similar fashion to that of the original Infernal Dawn raid. You initially fight her dragon form until she submerges into the floor and becomes what I like to refer to as ‘Sandman Laethys’. There are tons of mechanics which made this fight awesome in the raid and have been put into the chronicle such as her Fist of Subjugation, Auric Evocation, breath, gold piles and Tail Lance.

My main gripe with this fight at the moment is that nothing seems to hit ‘hard’ enough that you ever feel that you’re in any direct sense of danger. I purposely got hit directly by her fist a few times only to take a measly 6k hit! Literally in the last phase I was trying so hard as an Inquisitor to die. I was getting hit by absolutely everything– AoE, Tail Lance, letting interrupts go through– and I wasn’t even close to death. My small 400-500 HPS from self-healing seemed to be easily covering all the damage.

The overall damage just seemed very weak in comparison to Rusila and most bosses in Queen’s Gambit. The fight’s been brilliantly converted from raid to chronicle, but it just needs a bit of a step up in terms of difficulty. I want to feel a sense of satisfaction when it comes around to killing her on live!

Anyways, that’s it for the first look at the new chronicle coming with 2.4– Infernal Dawn: Laethys. As this is on the public test shard, I’d like to take the time to remind everyone that everything is subject to change. I’d also like to actively encourage you to run it on the test shard and provide feedback on the official post here!

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