RIFT 2.3 Hotfix #15 8/14/13

RJ Patch Notes

* Fixed a client crash that could occur during loading screens.
* You now once again will soulwalk on your own server when respawning and running back to a cross-shard dungeon entrance.
* The /wardrobe command is now only restricted to only three uses every ten seconds. This command can be used to make it easier when switching equipment macros to also change your selected wardrobe!
* Fixed an issue preventing you from inviting members of the opposite faction when in the middle of a Dungeon run.

* Cabalist
– Fixed an issue preventing Obliterate from correctly affecting Bound Fate.
– Slightly increased PVP damage bonus Obliterate applies to Disintegration.
* Inquisitor
– Increased the stack size of Echoing Concord to 8.

* Dominator
– Fixed an issue with Prion’s Glowing Dominator Crystal’s 2-piece set bonus sticking around after the crystal is unequipped.

* Assassin
– Virulent Poison, Lethal Poison, Leeching Poison, Debilitating Poison, Enfeebling Poison: Base chance to trigger has been increased to 30%, up from 20%.
– Poison Malice: Cooldown reduced from 2 mins to 1 min.
– Debilitating Poison: Now also reduces the movement speed of affected enemies by 30%.
– Heartseeker: Now increases the damage of Assassin attacks by 5-25%, up from 4-20%.
– Enduring Brew: Now off Global Cool Down and also restores 30 energy. No longer cost energy to use.
– Cloak and Dagger: Effect now lasts 15s, up from 10s.
– Exposed Weakness: Increased the attack power contribution to the damage bonus.
* Bladedancer
– T’Scain’s Bladedancer Crystal: The effect from the 4 piece bonus now lasts 24s, up from 21s.
– Blade Hustle: Increases the duration of Rhythmic abilities by 3-9s, up from 2-6s.
– Hack and Slash: Successful Critical Hits now increases all damage by 3-15%.
– Blade Tempo: Now increases all damage by 30% instead of only Physical damage.
– Strike Back: Now triggered when you deflect an attack.
– Reprisal: Now activated when you deflect an attack.
– Defensive Pose: Now also increases movement speed by 15%.
– Dancing Steel: Damage has been increased.
– Double Coup: Now increases the damage of all Bladedancer Combo Point generating attacks by 85%, up from 75%.
* Marksman
– Collateral Damage: Now increases the damage of single target ranged weapon attacks by 2-6%, up from 1-3%.
– Bull’s Eye: Now on a 1 min cooldown. Forces the next damaging Rogue ability to Critically Hit.
– Shoot to Kill: Effect is no longer reduced in PvP.
– Full Metal Jacket: Now also increases the Critical Hit chance of Rapid Fire Shot by 5-10%.
– Silver Tip Munitions: Now causes the enemy to take 6% more damage from the Rogue per stack, up from 5%.
* Nightblade
– Hellfire Blades, Smoldering Blades, Fell Blades: Damage has been increased.
– Touch of Darkness: Function has been changed. For the next 6s, weapon ability attacks deal additional Death damage, drain 5 Energy or 5 Power or 3% of the enemy’s maximum mana. 1 min cooldown.
* Ranger
– The Dire Wolf now has a Charge ability.
– Ace Shot: Now takes 8% more damage from the Rogue, up from 6%.
– Predatory Instincts: Now increases the Rogue and the pet’s attack power and weapon damage by 4%.
– Ravenous Instincts: Now also increases Critical Hit chance by 5%.
– Feral Instincts: Now also reduces damage taken by 5%.
* Saboteur
– Now increases the damage contribution from your weapon and attack power contribution to Blast Charge and Spike Charge by 4-20%, up from 2-10%.
* Tactician
– Necrotic Torrent, Infernal Torrent, Glacial Torrent: Damage has been reduced.
– Curative Torrent, Curative Beam: Healing has been increased.
– Restorative Bolt: Healing has been increased. Can now be cast on yourself.
– Primer: Now lasts 60s, up from 30s.
– Curative Engine, Restorative Engine, Necrotic Engine, Empyrean Engine: No longer on GCD.
– Empyrean Ray, Necrotic Ray, Curative Blast: Now removes stacks of Torrent Overload based on Combo Points.
– Empyrean Engine: Now also increases the damage and healing done by Cores by 20%.
– Empyrean Engine, Necrotic Engine, Curative Engine, Restorative Engine: Now are toggled abilities.
– Power Core, Curative Core, Necrotic Core, Fortification Core: No longer restricted to setting at most 1 type of Core at a time.

* Beastmaster
– Vicious Opportunity: Fixed a bug where Vicious Opportunity is tagged incorrectly as a Builder. It no longer benefit from any damage bonuses to Builders and should no longer activate the Paragon’s Follow Up attacks.
* Paragon
– Flurry: Can now be used from a 20m range. Now tagged as a ranged attack.
* Riftblade
– Blade of the Ascended: Now increases the damage of Riftblade abilities by 30% instead of all damage abilities.
– Planar Blade: Now increases the damage of Riftblade abilities by 10%, up from 5%.
– Surging Energy: Now grants a 25-50% chance that the power cost of the next Attack Point generating ability is reduced by 25%.
– Rift Implosion: Fixed a bug where Rift Implosion consumes Surging Energy when the damage effect happens. It should only consume Surging Energy when it is initially applied.
* Tempest
– Double Pulse: No longer has a cooldown.
– Quick Recharge: Now reduces the cooldown of Charged Pulse, Lightning Torrent and Storm Torrent by 2.5/5s.
– Grounded: Now refunctioned to increase the damage of all ranged attacks by 5-15%.
* Warlord
– Breaking Blow: No longer generates additional threat.
– Eye of the Storm: Function has been changed. Now snares a single enemy for 10s. 10s cooldown.

* Exodus of the Storm Queen: Hot Lead, Cold Steel – Addressed an issue that could cause the Storm Legion Attackers to remain unattackable after they burst into the building.

* Completing Instant Adventures in The Dendrome now awards 50 Hailol and Achyati notoriety.
* Strongholds
– Ustulous should wait a small amount of time after teleporting before casting her heal.
– Reduced the damage of several Stronghold boss abilities, such as a few of Ustulous’s ranged attacks and Ridira’s Void Barrage.

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