RIFT 2.4: Planebreaker Bastion Map & Early Info

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Slowly but surely, we’re finding out more information about the new content headed our way in RIFT 2.4. We know that there will be two new 20-man raids, two new Chronicles (one featuring Infernal Dawn), and a Twisted, level 60 version of Realm of the Fae. Thanks to some new information scoured up yesterday, we also know a bit of additional information regarding the two new raids in particular.

Note: As always, this information is subject to change at any time.

The folks over at Rifthead discovered a list of new achievements being added with one of the new raids. This raid is Earth plane-themed and is called Planebreaker Bastion. The other raid will be based around the opening of the Infinity Gate. A few weeks ago we learned that both raids will feature different difficulty levels although they will both be Tier 2 raids and both will be released on the same day.

The Infinity Gate raid will be the precursor of sorts for Planebreaker Bastion and will be a much easier raid. Planebreaker Bastion will feature five encounters (names may not be final): Eggtenders, Prisoner, Inyr, Proteus, and Planebreaker. The Infinity Gate raid will most likely have around the same number of bosses, but there may also be a few mini-boss fights in either instance.

This early, in-progress map of Planebreaker Bastion was also discovered (click on the image to bring up the full-size version):

planebreaker bastion map

Oh, and one more thing– Daglar mentioned on the forums yesterday that Trion is looking to have 2.4 ready for release in September if all goes well. So far, the team’s on schedule to make that date.

Special thanks to Seatin over on the MMO-Champion forums as well as TehFrank on the official RIFT forums for super-sleuthing these goodies up.

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