Dispatch Update

Dispatch Update

Hello Citizens,

Dave Haddock here. We at RSI hope you’ve enjoyed the last few serials, we’re going to take a little break from the fiction and try something new as we work on preparing more stories for you to enjoy.

We are introducing a new feature that many of you have been asking for in the forums. As you know, the Star Citizen universe is huge (and still growing), and there are facets of the universe that don’t immediately inform or affect gameplay and therefore are lower priority. Food, for example – we don’t need to figure out culinary habits in order to develop the game, yet those habits breathe life into the lore and make the universe feel lived in.

Similar to the last two issues of the Writer’s Guide that culminated with the creation of the OES, we are going to present a topic for you, the community, to contribute your expertise and ideas to help flesh out. Each week, we will collate some of the best comments to revise the topic and ultimately incorporate the final write-up into the Star Citizen bible.

So feel free to post potential topics you’d like to discuss in the comments below and next week, we’ll get started.

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