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Alpha Slot FAQ

Greetings Citizens,

As of the time of this writing, fewer than 3,000 Alpha Slots remain. As the counter moves inexorably closer to zero, we’ve come to realize that many people aren’t sure exactly what Alpha Slots are or how they’re relevant to the Star Citizen experience. We’ve put together a short FAQ to answer some of the questions we’re seeing about the slots. Our hope is that this will help explain why Alpha Slots are so important and why you’ll want to back for a package that includes one.

What are Alpha Slots?

Packages with Alpha Slots will be allowed free access to all of Star Citizen’s pre-release modules, including the Dogfighting, First Person Shooter and others. Our goal was to make Alpha Slots available to our earliest backers, the people who first helped make Star Citizen’s existence possible!

How was the number of Alpha Slots generated?

The initial number of Alpha Slots was calculated based on the number of ‘universe servers’ the programming team believed we could reliably budget for our module rollout. As Star Citizen’s funding has increased, we have been able to go wider and increase the number of first pass slots (you may recall that an earlier stretch goal created more slots by dedicating funds specifically to this purpose.)

Do I need an Alpha Slot to play the Dogfighting Module?

Every account with an Alpha Slot will be eligible to play the Dogfighting Module. If your package does not include one of the ships scheduled for the first release, you will be able to play with a ‘loaner.’ Later backers who do not have an Alpha Slot on their account will be given the option of purchasing a Dogfighting Pass to join the fun!

Can I still play without an Alpha Slot?

Players who join Star Citizen after the slots are gone will have the option of purchasing $ 5 passes to play the individual alpha modules, with the money going to cover the additional server bandwidth necessary. (For phased launches, like the upcoming Dogfighting Module, passes will not be available until servers have been allotted to all existing backers.) Note that you will need a separate pass for each future module.

Why didn’t I need an Alpha Slot for the Hangar Module?

Since the Hangar Module does not have online multiplayer enabled, we felt comfortable making it available to all backers regardless of Alpha Slot status.

Will you ever add more Alpha Slots?

No. Once the current allotment is over, no more Alpha Slots will be added to the counter. Going forward, players who miss out on the free Alpha Slots may test individual modules by purchasing a module pass (which covers the cost of additional hardware) in addition to their ship package.

What are Beta Slots?

Beta Slots refer to those assignments for joining the future beta test of Star Citizen’s persistent universe. As this launch is further in the future, we have not yet made a final decision on the number of Beta Slots that will be necessary.

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