Star Citizen: Arena Commander 1.0.3 Released

Star Citizen:

Arena Commander 1.0.3 Released

Greetings Citizens,

We have released Arena Commander patch 1.0.3 to the live server! You can download the latest patch via the Star Citizen launcher. If you’ve been playing the PTU, you’ll already be familiar with this release: it primarily adds balance and bug fixes, in addition to a new weapon and some other preparatory changes.

If you are stuck in the PTU, please follow these steps to switch back to Live:

  1. Log into the launcher
  2. Click on the cog in the upper right
  3. Enable advanced settings
  4. Click ‘Reset to Defaults’
  5. Click ‘Reset all Settings’

A complete list of additions, balance changes, fixes and known issues is available in the patch notes, online here.

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