Star Citizen: Fan Spotlight: Audible Lore

Star Citizen:

Fan Spotlight: Audible Lore

Want to learn more about the lore of Star Citizen but don’t have the time to read it all? If so, look no further because this week’s Fan Spotlight highlights a few of our community members who have created videos and audio records about the history of the ‘Verse! They’ve done a fantastic job of making this information accessible and easy to enjoy. So put on your headphones and let’s get started!

Alpha Boot Camp

In addition to hosting a bi-weekly podcast Tales of Citizens, Bridger has created a series entitled Alpha Boot Camp. In this series he explains thing such as combat physics and ship customization, but he also has a three part series which he dons the mantle of Professor John Smith in the year 2944 explaining the history of the UEE to his students. If you want a fun way to learn about the lore, this is for you.

Check out his thread!

Star Citizen lore

Next up is Zerodyne, a.k.a TodaysMarriedGamer, who has his own series simply named Star Citizen lore. Each video he takes on a different subject such as the Stanton System or Banu and goes in depth about that subject. This is handy if you are interested in a specific race or subject and want to learn a bit more.

Check out his thread!

Trendane’s Galactic Guides

Trendane has a dream, and that dream is that any document you look up in in game, that file will be read aloud as you read it. In order to help make that dream a reality he has taken it upon himself to narrate the Galactic Guides for your audio pleasure. In fact, he’s done a few of them in his AI robot voice that he also uses for his Voice Attack profile! The best part is they are in .mp3 format so you can even listen to them in your car.

Check out his thread!

HoppingMadMedia’s Video Lore

Last up is a suggestion made in our Fan Spotlight Suggestions thread by Yco. HoppingMadMedia has started the New Year off right by creating bite sized lore videos reading various lore posts. Typically under 5 minutes, this is a perfect series to check out if you’re tight on time but want to get a quick lore fix.

Check out their YouTube Page!

Thanks to everybody who lends their voice to bring our lore to life. It’s fantastic to hear the enthusiasm and characteristics you bring to our words. If you know of somebody that we missed, let us know below! Thanks and we’ll see you next week!

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