Star Citizen: Fan Spotlight: Backer Art

Star Citizen:

Fan Spotlight: Backer Art

Greetings Citizens,

Star Citizen fans are creating all sorts of amazing artwork, using every sort of medium available! Today’s gallery shows off amazing creations from three talented fans.

  • Awesome propaganda posters from kindcrayons are taken straight out of history and ask us to take the fight to the Vanduul! You can view more here.
  • LEGO ships from Scornshell, designed using Lego Digital Designer, are starting to replicate the entire Star Citizen fleet! You can see more, including the Avenger and the Super Hornet, here.
  • And it wouldn’t be Halloween without a jack-o’-lantern! Kinshadow has carved an Anvil Hornet on his pumpkin this year.

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