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Fan Spotlight: Fan Art

We have a team of artists that work tirelessly to make the ‘Verse look nice. Our backers however amaze us even more with their dedication and passion to make their own Star Citizen inspired pieces of fan art. The ‘Verse is full of amazing concepts, mock-ups, and original pieces. Here are just a few of the amazing pieces of Fan Art from a few of our talented backers.

Reid – MobiGlas UI Concept

Backer Reid has taken one of our designs and created a concept markup around it. It looks really slick and we are impressed with the level of detail.

Here is the link to Reid’s work

Maxo – Banu Merchantman Poster

Backer Maxo has made a poster for the Merchantman that resembles old propaganda posters. The way the background color blends into the ship is what really draws the attention.

Here is a link to Maxo’s work


Backer Artofinca has created a number of amazing pieces of fan art and this is one of our favorites. The colors are so vibrant and the city feels so alive, dirty, and beautiful at the same time.

Here is a link to Artofinca’s work

Bounty Hunter

Backer Josef March celebrated his one year Star Citizen anniversary by creating a representation of his character in game. The suited up bounty hunter could be right over your shoulder if you run from the law.

Here is a link to Josef March’s work

With so many talented backers there is simply no way we could possibly highlight all the amazing work being done. Let us know what we missed, this will not be the last time we highlight Fan Art. Thank you all for the amazing support and allowing us to continue to bring you the ‘Verse.

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