Star Citizen: Fan Spotlight: Fan Fiction Volume 4

Star Citizen:

Fan Spotlight: Fan Fiction Volume 4

This week’s fan spotlight is going to highlight one of our favorite subjects, Fan Fiction! We are honored that the Star Citizen universe has been important enough to these writers that they have created their own stories for us. So let’s get started!

Submono’s Here Be Dragons

Submono starts us off with Here Be Dragons which tells the story of a wayward pilot and his visual anomaly. In-between two jump points a pilot and his Freelancer are suddenly surrounded by glowing beings that appear to be sardine shaped. The pilot then turns off the Freelancer’s systems and seemingly floats with these new creatures. A story created from the desire for Star Citizen to be a wondrous place, Here Be Dragons is a fantastic short story.

Check out his thread!

Tem Barone’s CYOSC

You may remember Tem Barone from a previous Fan Fiction spotlight who has returned with yet another choose your own adventure story. At the end of each entry, readers are given three different options of how the story will continue. So if you’re looking for a story that you can actively have a word in how it continues, check him out.

Check out his thread!

Erris’ U.E.E.S. Alanis

Erris’ U.E.E.S. Alanis is a dramatic story about a man who has a slight fear of space. Okay, maybe not so slight as he whitens his knuckles during a tiny bit of turbulence, but it’s not unfounded as things start to go south. If you’re looking for a bit of a more somber story, this is definitely for you.

Check out his thread!

Cmopatrick’s Ghost in the Machine

Created at the beginning of the year, Cmopatrick has been very busy creating his story Ghost in the Machine. Already sitting at 6 chapters, if you’re looking for a story that you can really sink your teeth into, this is the tale for you. And with an entry just yesterday, he won’t leaving you wondering what’s next.

Check out his thread!

Thank you to everybody who has spent their time creating fan fiction for the Star Citizen Universe. If you know of a story that we missed let us know below! And be sure to stop by our Fan Spotlight Suggestions thread to let us know what sort of fan spotlights you’d like to see in the future. Also, make sure to enter into our Community Fan Spotlight FPS thread. Thanks and we’ll see you next week!

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