Star Citizen: Fan Spotlight: Shows and Podcasts 3.0

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Today we highlight those that make our drives to and from work a bit more enjoyable with their podcasts, and continue to entertain us with their videos. That’s right, it’s time for Shows and Podcasts 3.0!

Fortnightly Frontier

Self-described as “a small bloggy podcasty type thing”, Darjanator and Loose Unit host this bi-weekly show and take a more humorous take on Star Citizen news. Definitely check them out if you’re looking for a quick and funny Star Citizen fix.

Check out their page!

Star Signal

Relatively new to the Star Citizen podcast world, Star Signal hosts Chris, Julian, and Colby take to the podcast airwaves each week. Recently joined by Mark Skelton, Star Signal has quickly become one of the best Star Citizen podcasts available.

Check out their page!

Beyond the Horizon Radio

Every Saturday at 9am PDT Beyond the Horizon Radio goes live hosted by forum member Bluestreak. When not discussing Star Citizen this radio station plays a wide range of music in addition to hosting other Star Citizen shows such as Taste of the Verse and Voice of the Cosmos.

Check out their page!

DrHawk’s Game Clinic

DrHawk of Star Citizen FM fame has a new weekly show on his YouTube channel called DrHawk’s Game Clinic. In it he highlights not only Star Citizen news, but community highlights such as the recently tournament started by Pleasure.

Check out his page!

We thank these fans for taking their love for Star Citizen to the next level and keeping this community informed. If you have a favorite podcast or show you enjoy let us know below! We’ll catch you next week.

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